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Change happens. Movement heals. Move with purpose.

Gold Coast Pilates Therapy offers a boutique health and fitness experience unlike any other on Boston’s North Shore. Our mission is to empower the busiest of people to prioritize their wellbeing and build a resilient body that will thrive with the ebb and flow of life.

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We firmly believe in preventative care and utilize Pilates to enhance your posture, strength, and mobility while alleviating stress to avoid pain and optimize function.

Along with traditional Pilates classes, Gold Coast offers personalized restorative sessions and small group specialty training for orthopedic and women’s health conditions that prevent you from living your best life.

For your convenience, these services are offered both virtually and in our fully equipped studio.

You will gain confidence in how you move with a sustainable fitness routine that fits your needs and lifestyle!

"Change happens through movement and movement heals." - Joseph Pilates



Integrating the Pilates principles and repertoire into my physical therapy practice has produced successful rehabilitation outcomes for a wide variety of clients for over a decade. During my career in orthopedics, sports and dance medicine, home health, and concierge fitness, I became a mom to a vibrant girl and curious little boy that keep me on my toes. With an increased appreciation for the unique needs of busy women during pregnancy and postpartum recovery, I have advanced my clinical expertise to become a prenatal + postnatal fitness specialist.

I am thrilled to bring a boutique experience to my hometown of Beverly that helps to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness. I want to remove the “gym intimidation” barrier to lifetime wellness and create an inclusive community that inspires confidence in movement. By teaching clients how to incorporate Pilates into everyday life, I find that even the busiest of clients reap the benefits with just one session per week or 5 minute “movement snacks” at home!

Dr. Kristen Hardin, PT, DPT, NCPT
Founder of Gold Coast Pilates Therapy


Kristen is amazing!
She has been helping me to strengthen and restore my core and pelvic floor after giving birth two months ago. We have been working via telehealth which has been amazing as it’s not as easy to get out to appointments these days. Kristen is knowledgeable and passionate and take the time to explain things clearly throughout our sessions. She often checks in to see how my body is feeling and makes sure I feel comfortable yet challenged. I highly, highly recommend!


My work with Kristen has been transformative. Through a personally tailored Pilates reformer and mat exercise program and hands-on PT, Kristen helped me recover from a near career-ending injury and multiple thoracic surgeries, regain strength and confidence in my body, and begin to enjoy movement again. She is an incredibly gifted movement educator and thoughtfully combines practical, grounded wisdom with creative and challenging exercise flows that will help you leave your limitations in the dust while also having fun!


I have really loved Kristen's Pilates classes for postnatal moms. It is the right level for someone recovering from delivering a baby and Kristen focuses it on the areas of the body that need strengthening after a baby and during caregiving (like the strain you put on your back lifting an infant or baby gear).
I would definitely recommend it.

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